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We focus on transparency first. Our blockchain ledger is tamper-proof and visible to all users at all times.



Decentralized network and transparent pricing from our trusted suppliers to eliminate the middlemen and prevent price gouging and fraud.



Streamlined operation and process automation digitalize the entire Supply Chain Management system to reduce costs and save time.



Govern sourcing decisions and trace history for every product with a digital ‘passport’ that proves authenticity and origin.



Predictive A.I. facilitates data-driven decisions to better forecast and plans demand, and respond intelligently to disruption.



IoT Real-time tracking provides end to end visibility to deliver the right product, to the right place, at the right time.



Seamless integration with any exciting systems and Ridiculously easy to use, Unbelievably fast to set up.

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Face Shields

Protect from chemical hazards / High-strength thermoplastic materials / Polycarbonate window / Pin lock system / Secure fit

$10 - $50



Eye protection

Reusable / Liquid resistant / Dimensions Adjustable strap / Medical Device Classification / Hazard Corrected / Safety Features




Disposable N95 masks

NIOSH 95 Approved: TC-84A-7447 / Individually Wrapped / Double Strapped Elastic Headband / Foldable Nose Band / Made in China

$10 - $50




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Our Clients Feedback

We've helped protect and serve medical professionals from all around the world! Here are a few great words from our users.

Testimonial Avatar

Jennifer Morris

Nurse, San Francisco

We never would have gotten N95s without your help! All our suppliers are out of stock and on back-order for several months. As a small practice, not connected to a big institution, we can't participate in those 100K orders. Thank you very much GMedChain!

Testimonial Avatar

Sarah Holmes

Pharmacist, Boston

Thank you for connecting us directly to the factories that make those testing kits. They are truly effective and saved us a lot of time and money to vetting the products. Your willingness to source them out and make a special delivery is appreciated more than you will ever know!

Testimonial Avatar

Michael Hughes

Doctor, Chicago

I am a repeat customer for the simple reasons that GMedChain provides excellent products that are received very quickly. Thank you GMedChain for going above and beyond and delivering on last minute and MUCH needed supplies, You are truly helping to save, preserve and enhance lives.

Testimonial Avatar

Steven Ma

Surgeon, Los Angeles

I found the experience of purchasing and organizing a quick delivery with GMedChain both professional and very friendly. The PPE came much faster than expected. I would definitely recommend GMedChain and will be buying from them again. Thanks for the great service.

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